MOG - Martin-O'Neill Group

Professional Recruitment



When it comes to identifying the right candidates, we believe that experience and process is everything.   When your company is looking for just the right person to meet a critical need (and, really, aren't they all eventually critical?), the relationship we build with you will allow us to present candidates who have not only the technical skills but also the competencies you desire.

What do you want your operations to look like in six months?

What do you want your operations to look like in six months?   What type of person will help you attain that goal?    We prioritize identifying people with similar backgrounds or beliefs, individuals who enjoy the same type of lifestyle as those who are currently part of your corporate culture.  Why?  Because like-minded people work together better than those who aren't.  Because "corporate culture" is more than just a trendy concept; it is what distinguishes a company as a place where people simply go to work  from an organization that challenges its workers to strive, to thrive and, because they succeed professionally, to lead more enriched lives.    

We do things differently.  We are hands on, involved whenever and wherever necessary.  We learn the dynamics of each of your teams, and we match them up with those individuals whose skills and competencies will lead to greater success for all involved.  Yes, for all involved.  When the team wins, everyone wins.  It's that philosophy that sets us apart.