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Senior Web Developer

We are looking for a full-stack web developer who feels comfortable working in a small, tightly knit team to help build and maintain modern web applications. Current web applications developed by the team use Rails and an HTML5 front-end with AngularJS. This software only supports recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer 9 and up.

An ideal candidate will want to work with small- to medium-sized TDD teams to meet deadlines for customers. They may have experience with Ruby on Rails, Postgres, or AngularJS, as well as relevant testing frameworks (Jasmine, RSpec, Capybara, etc.). Experience with DVCSes, such as Git, and automated testing systems, like Jenkins or Hudson is a plus.

The candidate should also be excited to work with customers and on a team that values a strong testing culture, continuous learning and honing of craft, and working on software that helps people.

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