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Our Credentials

Cindy (Martin) Breth

Co-founder of Martin – O’Neill Group brings over twenty-five years of success in the professional recruiting industry to this partnership.  For more than 21 years she was recognized for top performance as an international sales and sales management leader within the world’s largest specialized staffing agency, and then successfully formed her own brand for four additional years.  Ms. Breth is regarded for her ability to identify “best of breed talent” and for exemplary customer service built on client knowledge and nurtured relationships. 

Cindy single handedly grew a one of a kind non-profit furniture recycling program, which diverted over ten million pounds from area landfills, into a financially sustainable entity.  She implemented a “reuse” aspect of the program to help hundreds of needy people in our area through furniture and technology donations. And a portion of all cash receipts was shared with Operation Backpack, which feeds over 3000 hungry children each weekend.

Douglas M. Risch

Doug joined Martin – O’Neill Group to launch a new culinary division and address the rising need for top culinary talent in numerous markets.  For more than 25 years he has been recognized as a leader in culinary industry with his cutting edge innovation, developing a unique business model in DMR Events, Inc. and establishing a market for temporary hospitality staffing in St. Louis, MO.  Doug is highly regarded for his ability to identify top culinary talent.

In 1987 Doug founded DMR Events, which grew to represent most of the top tier St. Louis Companies with their temporary staffing concerns. Combining a keen sense of the industry, a recognition of the ever changing environment and the positive effect that exceptional talent offers a company, Doug established the “bar” that all others strive for.

He is thrilled to join Martin – O’Neill Group and utilize his experience towards successfully meeting the challenges of clients and candidates.